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Monday, August 24, 2009

loving someone may not need any reasons. similarly disliking someone or some people doesnt nd too many reasons or explanations for it too. why explain? is there a need to ? no, i dont see any. i dont like them. really, i really dont see any point in justifying my statement and my view point, no point in discrediting them, the more i do so, the more i feel that i am discrediting my own self. I DONT LIKE THEM! >.<

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

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09 CHINESE NEW YR is totally awesome! we moved hse, and my aunt's family came to sg to join us for new yr celebration. we went to niu che shui on the new yr eve, although it was super squeezy but nevertheless the atmosphere there was great, only over there can i really feel the festive atmosphere. It was tiring n i fell sick BUT it was really really fun , and it in deed left me with unforgettable experience with my whole family out. These few days are the days whereby i felt really at ease surrounded by my family members, heart-warming-ness was all i felt.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

this is my first time going overseas wth the sch for such a long period, 1 whole month. other than taiwan's culture i sure learnt lots of other skills, at least i learn how to wash a dozen of underwears haha! friends lots of frens from sg, tw n hk, after this trip the 24 of us are sure much closer now tt they shared the same memory of a month. 
we've really learnt something, n took sth wth us from the trip, no matter if it's a physical or non-physical one..

 we really made lots of friends not jus those from the tw n hk sch but also among ourselves(:
                                                    by the end of the day...
FUN is all we had down there! haha got pretty high during this trip, took quite some funny photos ((: this trip is sure a relief to many of us
!DISNEY! so wad did we do down there?! PLAY. EAT . FOOL AROUND!! hahah went there once wth my family, but it isnt as fun as u go there wth friends (:

i tell u this temple is the one tt makes ppl feel like shaving their hair n become a monk/nun, it's SUPER COOL! it's a high tech, n modern temple, n the nun who led us around was super friendly n always wears a smile. this trip to taizhong made me fall in love wth vegeterian meals, haha..
 i LOVE the clouds in tw!! we were on our way bac 2 taipei from kending, singing k on the coach when i fell in love wth the scene outside our bus, on our left is the sea, while on the right it's the hill wth lovely clouds hanging on top of it
                                               ray, a drop of golden sun 
                                            took the pic on top of a super windy hill
                                            beautiful, but when the sun sets, it's even nicer!
                   zuoyue n i were sitting at the edge of the rocky beach, sort of scary to see the wave coming up so high as if it's gona touch our feet, but it's oso pretty sit down there n let the wind sweep across our faces
the spot tt we were at was actually meant 4 couples but we jus went up there 4 fun haha
btw yizhen sings really well :D
                                 a pic taken at kangqiao, the school is on top of a hill, v. COOL(or rather                                                          cold) but it's the view up there is awesome
                                                smile(: we sure look happy
                                   taipei 101. pretty cool, there's an outdoor viewing spot at the 99 floor 
                                                      motor bikes EVERYWHERE
                                                        here we are, ntu
                                                we r on the coach, wth our tour guide cindy!

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Am i heading the wrong way?
where am i heading aniway? where am i gona be at the end ?
perhaps i'll simply be at the end when i reaches the end..
are u there?
if u're there, then why do i feel lost?
come back to my life..
or rather come into my life
i cant live without u 
it feels like... 
drowning with no hope of struggling
studying with no hope of learning
sleeping with no hope of waking
a goal
an inspiration
a word 
a phrase
whatever u are
pls pls i realli nd u back in my life
i dont wana live like i'm dead!
im not gona make the same mistake
im not gona cry over ppl who dont even care abt my existance
i'll only love those who love me
care those who cares for me
im gona pursue things 
tt i realli love
but not things tt im told to do for the sake of doing
if i were to do a thing
i'll put all in to do it
even if it fails
it wont fail me
it wld still give an experience.
for everything u do,
u'll get experience, even if u dont get success.
i'm gona LEARN
from every mistake
every task
every chapt
every assignment
every proj
every game
every person.
there's nth tt's too difficult to learn
theres only things that u are not willing to learn.
my nxt goal
shall be learn to LEARN.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

tell me how am i supposed to breathe with no air?

no air, no air..

i just cant breathe.

no air, air

I Walked,

I Ran,

I Jumped,

I Flew,

Right off the ground,

To float to you.

There's no gravity,

To hold me down,

For real.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

today is finally OVER! phew~(: 2dae's realli tough n full of unknons and challenges. we had 2 consecutive test (hist+LA) and today is reali a special special day for ME :D cos, 2dae is the day tt i have been w8ting for in the past 2 yrs..yup right! today is the day for me to take off my braces! smile smile :DD at first when the dentist passed me a mirror to let me c my own nice, white and TIDY teeth, i refused to cos i was afraid tt it may come out to be ugly or yellowish or wad so eva. So i die die refused to look into the mirror. LOL i think i sounds silly but i was reali afraid and scared, hence i jus asked him to carry on the clean my teeth. O i tell u the process was 'awesome', my blood was like splurting out n the nurse was like trying 2 poke e saliva sucking tube everywhere in my mouth trying to suck away the blood so as to prevent me from choking from my own saliva + blood. It was damn bloody pain. The dentist is basically drilling at my gums at first i can reali feel the pain explicitly and know the exact place that is hurting but eventually my whole mouth was numbed by pain. so basically towrds the end i can onli feel the pain but dont know where it comes from. It was simply painful. yup! n u realise i didnt describe my day in chronological order haha cos actualli im oso v. numb by all the test n quiz tt's popping up every wk, every day. Life is terrible. test.test.test.quiz.quiz.quiz. SIGH... sch is getting more n more stressful, there r always piles of hw n loads of tests coming up. the worst part is not abt the test itself but the mugging be4 the tests!! ppl like me hu doesnt have patiences in sitting down 2 do work n revise will simply suffocate in the midst of revision..0.0 aniways there's nth much i can tok abt e tests cos as usual my hist is always unfinished(if there's such a word..lol) n my la is like crap. so ya nth much i can say abt sch works lar. O ya n 2dae after my dental app jiaQ asked me 2 rush bac 2 sch for handover+jiantao, so by the time i rushed bac, the jiantao was OVER. but, but the handover's not over yet (: so we had the handover in the remaining 1 hr( 5-6 pm) some results was unexpected and i was quite shocked. when my name was announced i was stunned, although be4 tt i had a feelin tt i may become the treasurer but i was still stunned. seriously i was shocked. i was like...i've nth 2 say man..i dont know why they chose me out of so many ppl..lol. amusing rite. they entrusted such a malu + blur fellow like me..sigh. im stressed. why did i say i wana be the cai zheng during the interview.. i cant reali rmb y. i think it was simply becos most of the others said they want to be tby zz so i decided to say sth diff so as the entertain the seniors and give them a wider variety mah.. omg till now im still in the state of shock. i dont know wad had happen cos everything happened jus too quickly n a fan ying chi dun person like me takes a long time to c wats goin on. n most impt i duno wad will i have to do in the future, as a treasurer of the CO. i think after this i will turn 2 hate money n find them irritating..LOL. im scared. i shall go sleep. aniways i dont feel nth when im asleep(:

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